Staying up to speed with the latest trends can be an exciting business for us. There are all kinds of new-fangled diets, weird and wonderful fashions and unusual exercise regimes that people can’t wait to try. This is no different for our pets, it’s just a little less ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and a little more ‘Keeping up with the Cat-dashians’!

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Clean and lean!

From quinoa to coconut water, spiralized veggies to chia seeds, healthy eating trends are very popular at the moment! The same can be said for pet food. Raw food diets were once unheard of but have seen a huge surge in popularity in that quest for the shiniest coat or to ease digestion problems! When choosing a diet such as this for your pet, you should ensure that you check that the foods are safe for them to consume. Many retailers such as Natures Menu specialise in raw food products, meaning owners can feel more assured about what they’re serving up. Superfoods like salmon are also becoming a more popular and available menu choice in order to charge up those immune systems and avoid a poorly pussycat or a peaky pooch!

Like owner, like dog

Humanisation of pet food is more common than ever with pet parents opting to serve up something that looks more like it belongs on their own plate. Certain foods can be incredibly harmful to our canine friends so it’s perhaps a good idea to double check or buy from a specialist retailer. If your dog has a sweet-tooth then The Dogs Cake Bakery or Mrs. Bishop’s Doggy Deli could be ideal to order treats online. This means that we’ll quite likely find Eddie the dog shopping for anything from dog muffins to dog popcorn and even dog beer or dog wine! He’ll be one happy pooch!

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Yoga-to be kidding me!

When it comes to exercise, yoga is becoming a national obsession. Well, your pet prayers may just have been answered! There are now yoga classes available for cats and dogs! For those of us that just can’t bear to be kept away from our animals long enough for a quick workout, this could be just the solution. If you’re in London then a trip to a ‘doga’ (dog yoga) class at Dogamahny in Notting Hill could be the tonic – we can just imagine Mr Benn and Eddie in a matching tree pose! Let’s not forget the cat lovers out there! Manchester has its own Cat Café that offers yoga sessions to help you find your Zen surrounded by the in-house kitties! It’s certainly a change from a walk in the park!

Pampered pups

Some people believe there are few things better than a pampering session to help you relax at the end of a tough day. Sitting back with candles, a glass of wine and a face mask can be a great way to unwind, but have you ever felt the jealous eyes of your pooch on you? If so, the blueberry facial could be the perfect grooming trend for your tired pups! Original creators South Bark now sell their products through various resellers in the UK. Thanks to its vitamin enriched ingredients, this canine treatment has become the go-to remedy for dogs with skin conditions. It’s also perfect for pooches that just need a good spruce up and a bit of a makeover! Don’t worry, it won’t turn your prized poodle blue!

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Chilled out kitties

If you’re dealing with a miserable moggy and fancy a spiritual session, then it might be worth considering Cat-Reiki. This alternative therapy is said to create inner peace and relaxation for even the most stressed-out of cats. It’s also thought to speed up healing time after illness or injury. If you don’t like the idea of paying for someone to come and treat your cat then you could enrol in a course to learn the art of animal Reiki for yourself. Reiki Evolution offer courses to help you become well versed in feline therapy.

Best in show

With the hashtag #dogsofinstagram having over 84 million posts on Instagram you might be starting to feel like it’s important for your dog to remain ‘on trend’. There are now a whole host of companies that specialise in designer dog clothes and can kit your pooch out in the latest canine fashions! From designer bandanas to pet parkas, you can find it all! Chelsea Dogs could be the place to head to for that classy canine look. Perhaps Eddie could find something to smarten up for his next adventure! Maybe the Shopkeeper has some doggy outfits that he can try?

In this day and age dogs and cats are seen as beloved members of the family. There really isn’t much that we won’t do for our pets, and staying on top of the latest trends might help to improve the quality of life for your animal. It could also be worth considering insurance to help cover for those unforeseen complications. On all of the Insurance Emporium’s Pet Insurance, you can save up to 20% with our Introductory Discount and we could cover up to £2,500 for Vet Fees on our yearly Accident Only dog policy. Head to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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