Are you intrigued about what goes on inside The Insurance Emporium? Well, you need wonder no longer! Mr Benn is here to show you everything we have to offer, one magical adventure at a time. But who is Mr Benn? We’ve put together an easy-to-digest profile so that you can get the lowdown on our unlikely hero!


Bio: Mr Benn is a normal, bowler hat-wearing gent who lives in an ordinary residential street in London. One morning, he receives an invitation for a fancy dress party that he isn’t hugely interested in attending. Regardless of this, Mr Benn visits a costume shop where he meets the mysterious Shopkeeper who appears, as if by magic, and sends him off on an exciting adventure. Mr Benn enjoys his adventure so much that he then returns on a regular basis for yet more thrilling escapades. Mr Benn is now a cult phenomenon and was the brainchild of artist, illustrator and author David McKee, appearing first in books and later as a BBC series in the 1970s.

Full Name: Although Mr Benn is only referred to as such in the books and the cartoons, creator David McKee has apparently said he always thought of his character as having the first name William!

Date of Birth: The first book was released back in 1967, making it 50-years-old in 2017, but Mr Benn himself is much younger. In fact, he never ages!

Height: Mr Benn is not particularly tall but then he’s not really that small either…

Weight: Now, that’s a very personal question! Mr Benn likes to stay fit by going on as many exciting adventures as possible.

Lives: 52 Festive Road, London. This address is said to be based on the house next door to David McKee’s old residence in Festing Road, Putney where a plaque can be found in the pavement!

Personality: Mr Benn is adventurous, displays great courage and unfortunately can sometimes be a little bit accident-prone.

Likes: There’s very few things in life Mr Benn doesn’t love but his highlights would be dressing up, going on adventures, helping people, his dog Eddie, bowler hats and The Insurance Emporium.

Dislikes: However, he’s not overly keen on sitting at home doing nothing, ordinary everyday clothes, people who are mean to animals, cheats and pickled gherkins.

Favourite Adventure: From his very first adventure, when he donned the Red Knight costume back in 1967, Mr Benn has been on some hair-raising and fantastical journeys. All of his adventures are great but he’s especially looking forward to the new ones he’ll get to experience with his friend the Shopkeeper, Eddie and The Insurance Emporium!

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