How to Make Your Own Crazy Golf Course: Keep the Kids Entertained During Lockdown!

Since we have all been stuck indoors these last couple of months, it can be difficult enough to keep yourself busy, let alone finding things to keep the kids entertained! So if you’re running out of ideas and don’t mind a bit of friendly competition, why not try making your own crazy golf course? It’s […]

Making the Most of Cycling Now Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Relaxed

The UK had some big news lately, as some restrictions on exercising during lockdown have been relaxed*! This is big news if you’ve taken up cycling during lockdown, as instead of only being permitted one hour of exercise per day, we can now go out for as much exercise as we like, provided we maintain […]

Working With Medical Detection Dogs Charity

At The Insurance Emporium, for several years now, we have provided the pioneering Medical Detection Dogs charity’s insurance cover for their amazing sniffer dogs. These dogs are trained up to detect cancers and other diseases, while also working as Assistance dogs supporting people with life-threatening health conditions such as diabetes, alerting them to potential health […]

Easy Putting Drills to do at Home

Exercise outside is fairly limited at the moment but you don’t have to give up your passions during lockdown. There is no best way to practice putting at home but trying some of these indoor putting drills should help to improve your game when you get back on the green. Stance workout The key to […]

Tips for Maintaining Personal Space During Lockdown

Generally speaking, humans are a social species. At the moment, however, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re having to distance ourselves more than usual. Maintaining a good amount of personal space is second nature to some people but others might find themselves struggling to do so. How we act outside has definitely changed but we […]

The Insurance Emporium: Business as Usual During the Coronavirus Outbreak

We’ve all had to make some considerable changes recently, and it’s been no different here at The Insurance Emporium. Our set up may have had to evolve, but we want to reassure you that business is very much as usual*! Homeworking In line with government advice, The Insurance Emporium team have vacated our York-based office […]

Looking After Your Horse During Lockdown

Looking after your horse can be challenging during the current government-imposed lockdown; especially if, like many of us, you don’t keep your horse at your home address. Since we don’t know exactly how long the current situation will last, at The Insurance Emporium, we want to help you comply with government guidelines while doing what’s […]

Strength Training for Cyclists that You can do at Home

It can be frustrating not always being able to get out on the adventures you’d like with your bike. During the present crisis, as well as during the colder months, you might find yourself struggling to cycle quite as much as you’d wish, but there’s plenty you can do at home to maintain your strength […]

Can I Take My Pet to the Vet During Lockdown?

Due to the current government-imposed lockdown, it can be difficult to know what we can and can’t do, especially when it comes to our pets. At The Insurance Emporium, we want to make sure pet owners understand the best ways they can look after their pets at this difficult time. That’s why we’ve put together […]

Photo Tips: How to Take Better Selfies

In recent years, the selfie has become a social media staple! Sometimes we can hardly refresh our Instagram feeds without someone having taken a fresh snap of themselves. Whether you’re trying to become an Instagram influencer, tailoring your Tinder profile or simply living your best life, taking a picture of yourself isn’t always easy. That’s […]